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revolutionizing the way in which sporting events are viewed



  • Streaming HD video
  • 100-degree field of vision
  • App that starts and stops video recording from the sidelines
  • Simultaneous on/off control of up to 16 helmets


  • 720 HD video
  • 30 frames per second
  • 2.5 hours of battery life
  • SD Card storage
  • Video compatible with any video editing software


The SVI technology in the SchuttVision helmet is the first of its kind in the sporting world. The technology and equipment are so closely integrated, the helmet is a camera! Other cameras have been incorporated onto sporting gear helmets, but none durable enough and safe enough to survive the regular beatings taken on the football field.

The SVI/SchuttVision high-definition helmet camera fits unobtrusively into the design of a football helmet, with a small processing board and transmitter housed within the liner. It is a rugged, point-of-view camera that can withstand the impact and stress of full-contact competition. SchuttVision is also approved by the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) so that it can be used by players at any position, even in game conditions. It is capable of capturing imagery on an SD Card or transmitting a live streaming signal to the sidelines for processing and review.

This technology provides an invaluable tool for coaches to use during practice or for reviewing game-day performance by specific players. The SVI/SchuttVision helmet camera system allows coaches to record what a particular player, such as a linebacker, sees in his 100-degree line of vision as a play unfolds. Later, by reviewing the video with the player, the coach can point out visual cues that may have been missed in responding to the play appropriately. The new SVI/SchuttVision app allows a videographer to monitor battery life, track up to 16 SchuttVision helmets, and remotely start and stop video recording – all from the sidelines on a phone or tablet. This helps control the amount of video captured to make viewing and editing more efficient. The app also time stamps the video to make it easier for a video editor to sync up different angles of the same play in post-production.

During television broadcasts, the video feed from individual cameras can be added seamlessly to the mix of imagery available for telecast. This allows networks to take their coverage even closer to the field than the SkyCam or cameras along the sideline can do.




media contact
9228 Linwood Avenue, Suite L
Shreveport, LA 71106