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New camera could change the way you watch football

Article Source - Fox 28, Kyle/Brazos Valley, Texas

Jamal Williams

Shreveport, Louisiana (KYLE) — Imagine watching a game at Kyle Field and seeing exactly what the quarterback saw on his last touchdown pass … It may sound like a dream, but it is closer to reality than you may think.

“Schutt Vision is the world’s only helmet with an integrated video system,” says Sports Video Innovations CEO JR Liverman.

These integrated cameras provide instant feedback for players and coaches. The helmet records directly to an SD card that the coach can later insert into any computer. Once inserted in the computer, the coach can see what the players did right and wrong.

JR Liverman went on to say, “The helmet is the camera. What we are doing is taking the point of view out of hand-held and detachable cameras and putting it into the helmet itself.”

This technology is currently being used by 33 NFL and NCAA teams for practice and has been used for Arena Football League broadcasts.

But JR doesn’t think it will stop there. “I don’t have a crystal ball, but I’ll definitely say this, that I truly believe that in the next couple of years that we will see this in broadcasts at both the NCAA and NFL level.”

It’s hard to argue with that when the NFL is already using drones to enhance coverage, and it seems like only a matter of time before all the cameras surrounding the field make their way onto it.



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