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Video: Helmet cam revolutionizes football fan experience

Article Source - KAGS TV

College Station--

An Aggie-owned product development company is helping revolutionize the way fans watch sports by building the "SchuttVision" football helmet, the first football helmet with a camera attached to it.

"These good old boys in Louisiana wanted to make a helmet with a camera and by God we delivered," said Mike Wilkinson, the CEO of Paragon Innovations that developed the helmet.

J.R. Liverman, the CEO and founder of Sports Vision Innovations literally dreamt up the idea to put the camera in the helmet.

"I woke up in the middle of the night in September 2011 after having the recurring dream about a camera on a football helmet," said Liverman.

Liverman says it's a great opportunity for fans to get a whole new type of access to their favorite players.

"Fans identify so much with players. I think it's a way for them to live vicariously through a player who wears the helmet in a game," said Liverman.

SchuttVision is so durable that even the Arena Football League uses it during their games, and many NCAA teams used it during their spring games.

"Now we have the cameras on the wires that try to get the cameras as close as possible to the field. Well, there's no place closer to the field than the guy's head," said Wilkinson.

The helmet cam is also used as a coaching tool.

"It helps see what the quarterback is reading pre-snap, where he's looking post-snap, and ultimately on where he makes the decision to deliver the football," said Liverman.

"They can see the same shot from all different views and make a decision about how to coach the player," said Wilkinson.



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