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Steelers use hi-tech helmet

Article Source - 60 Max Power O

Submitted by 60 Max Power O Staff on June 23, 2014 - 6:15am

The Pittsburgh Steelers are one of 33 NFL and NCAA teams that have been using Schutt Vision helmets embedded with HD video cameras during OTAs and minicamp.

The technology adds another useful tool for coaches to see exactly what's going on from a player standpoint on each and every play, but it can also be a potential dizzying infomation overload, says head coach Mike Tomlin, who admitted twice that the film gave him a headache, he told the the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

"This time of year, I think it's appropriate to be open to the growth of technology in our game, so I'll do things such as that and look at innovative things and see if it can be useful to us."

QB Ben Roethsliberger has been using the helmet, which is valuable in identifying fronts and coverages, and the recorded video could become a useful tool for Ben's backups, says quarterbacks coach Randy Fichtner:

"You would like to think that if you see something from his eye level that it could potentially give every other quarterback who wasn't getting that rep a chance to view that," he said. "We really haven't taken it to that next level yet. It's new technology, so sometimes it's tough to grasp right away."


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