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revolutionizing the way in which sporting events are viewed


JR Liverman the man behind the helmet camera

Article Source - First Down Line Part 1

Editor’s note: This story is the first in a three-part series regarding Sports Video Innovations (SVI) and Schutt Vision, the new high-tech helmet camera being used by major college football programs across the country, the Arena Football League and more.


SVI CEO and co-founder JR Liverman spent an hour-long hangout (Google+) with FirstDown|Line sharing insight, background and perspective on his piece of sports technology taking the football world by storm.


Rutgers is just one major college football program using Schutt Vision, the idea of Sports Video Innovations CEO and founder JR Liverman


Imagine seeing your hopes and dreams (literally) ripped apart by the hands of another right in front of you!


As it happened to JR Liverman, many things flashed before his eyes — the prototype he had spent months working on, which had cost him a job, his marriage and family.


But while horror was certainly upon his face, a Schutt Sports engineer was ripping in to the future of football from a first-person perspective.


Liverman recalls Schutt Sports CEO Rob Erb grabbing the working model off the table and saying: “Let me see this.”


“He said, ‘what is this inside of here?’ and grabs out what were the guts of our prototype. $75,000 of prototype was no longer working.”


It was here, the fate of Liverman’s genesis would be decided. The idea that came to him in a recurring dream in September 2011 would live on or die.


“(Erb) passes it to the engineer,” Liverman said. “He said, ‘what is this inside of here?’ and grabs out what were the guts of our prototype. $75,000 of prototype was no longer working.”


More than a year of hard work had transpired since the original sketches Liverman drew on his computer at 3:30 a.m. after the dream of a helmet with a camera on the front of it compelled him to get out of bed.


He had lost his job as an employee at a recreational vehicle dealership.


“The people I was working for took notice,” Liverman said. “It wasn’t long before I was released from that job. That was certainly a shock to the system, to myself, my family and particularly my wife.


He and his business partner, Jeremey Jeansonne, raised more than $100,000 to get the project off the ground.


He worked to convince his wife and family that creating this camera was something he needed to do.


“She wasn’t thrilled with a middle-aged man who was unemployed with four children chasing a dream to put a camera on a helmet,” Liverman said.


And, with funds nearly going dry, he and Jeansonne had finally secured a meeting with Erb and Schutt Sports.


And just minutes into the meeting, the remains of the helmet cam prototype were draped from the fingers of the engineer.


“I am not sure how to say the first five minutes of that meeting went, but I know I saw my life and my wife flash before my eyes,” Liverman said. “I think Jeremy was in the fetal position in the corner. It was not going well.”


Or so it seemed, before everything finally paid off.


Erb walked over to Liverman and said:

“I am going to go run a football helmet company. These guys will take care of the details. I think it is one of the greatest ideas I have ever seen.”


“He shook my hand and left the room,” Liverman said. “(Others) in the room said: ‘We’ve never seen him this excited about a project before.’ I said, ‘What does he do when he hates something?’”


“It wasn’t until the point (Erb) got up to leave that I was sure we had the beginnings of what has turned out to be a great partnership.”


And with that, Sports Video Innonvations (SVI), Liverman and Jeansonne’s company, stayed afloat and Schutt Vision was born.


A 2-plus year journey was fulfilled and now major college football programs across the country, the Arena Football League are providing fans with first-person look-ins from their quarterbacks, linebackers, safeties, wide receivers and more.


“It has been phenomenal,” Liverman said. “The growth has been tremendous. The response from the teams has been tremendous. We are excited as more and more teams start to take advantage of the technology.


“There are so many things we found out it is capable of doing that we didn’t necessarily realize in the beginning that we have learned as we have gone on this journey, such as the social media aspect — the value of the content to universities, coaches and teams.”


Check back next week for Part 2 of this series about Schutt Vision.


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